Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vision Update

Good news, everyone!
OK, so I was channeling Professor Farnsworth there for a moment.

Anyway, I just returned from my ophthalmologist's visit, where I received an injection of Avastin directly into my eye.  The doctor expects this to work perfectly, clearing the pooled blood from my retina and sealing off the abnormal blood vessels.  It's not a cure, it's a treatment, but some percentage of patients only ever have to be treated once.  I'm hoping I'm in that percentage!

Even better, he believes the lesions on my left eye to not currently be in danger of developing further!  So if the Avastin injection works as expected, I can expect my vision to return to near normal! Normal, considering the area of my retina that has been burned off by the laser surgery, which is invisible to me but impairs my peripheral vision.

Still!  That's great, and I've got my fingers crossed for a positive result!  My vision could be back to around 80% by the time this is all over!

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