Saturday, March 19, 2011

A New Challenge!

First off, let me announce that the birthday challenge was met and exceeded! So the extra rewards for all the backers at the $25, $50, and $100 levels are now official!  Thanks, everyone, for helping this project to hit its stride!

And now, I'm here to announce a new challenge. So far, I've made a challenge every weekend since I started the Kickstarter project, and every weekend, the challenge has been met and exceeded! So this weekend, it's a simple one. First, I'm challenging everyone who has pledged, or is planning to, to find at least one other person, get them excited about this project, and get them to pledge $10, $18, or $25. Everybody knows someone who would be interested in being involved in a project like this, even if you don't realize it!  An avid reader, a fantasy, sci-fi, or super-hero junkie, or just someone who would be interested in seeing a creative project like this really break out. Get them talking about The Door to Canellin! Get them excited to read it! And get them to use Kickstarter to pre-order their paperback or ebook copy now! The goal is to have ten more $10, $18, or $25 pledges by Monday, March 21st, but this challenge is ongoing! I'd love it if every single person who has pledged can bring in another backer!

And the second part of the challenge... pledge now! I've you've been holding off until the project is closer to the end date, or if you're waiting for that next paycheck, don't! Each pledge moves me further toward the main page of Kickstarter, and gets me noticed. There is no charge to your credit card until after April 8th. So there's no reason to wait, and every reason to jump in there and get your paperback copy ordered!

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