Sunday, March 6, 2011

My weekend Kickstarter push is going wild!

In the twelve days of Kickstarter leading up to this weekend, I had raised $316 in funding.  I did a big push, got some friends talking on their Facebook about my project, including one who get very excited and starter her own campaign to help me get funded.  I publicly set a goal to reach the halfway funding point ($600) by midnight tonight (Sunday, March 6). It's 4:45pm currently, and my funding level is $561.  And I've been told via Facebook that I have another backer in the works who is just waiting to get to a PC so he can pledge $50 and get himself a limited edition, signed hardcover! Assuming that happens, even if no one else pledges before midnight, then I've met my goal! Twelve days of fundraising to raise $316, and 3 days of a big push to raise $300! Now all I need is the grass roots, word of mouth campaign to keep going after this weekend!

I know I've talked before about how important this funding is, but I'd like to reiterate.  If I don't meet my funding goal, The Door to Canellin will still be published.  But there will be virtually no marketing, and I will have a difficult time trying to get placed on Amazon and Barnes and Noble's e-stores.  In addition to that, without this funding, The Door to Canellin will not be available for order by brick and mortar bookstores for their shelves, or for people who ask at the counter.  Without this Kickstarter funding, it will be a barebones, no-frills release, and probably easily overlooked in the broader marketplace.  What's worse, none of the people who've gotten excited about the project and pledged will receive their backing reward, because none of their funding will happen!  Kickstarter is all or nothing... if the funding goal isn't met, the creator gets nothing and the backers are charged nothing.

But WITH this Kickstarter funding, it's a whole different story! There will be money for quality cover and logo  design, marketing posters, review copies and hopefully some positive reviews to quote on the cover.  There will be money for a couple of small advertisements in local papers as well as book journals.  If the funding exceeds the $1200 goal, there may even be money for a strong, concerted marketing push!  The more money backing the project, the better the final product will be, and the more visible it will be in the marketplace!

So if you're interested in owning a copy of The Door to Canellin, go to my Kickstarter page and make a pledge, reserving your copy now!

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