Monday, March 7, 2011

Final Results of Weekend Kickstarter Push

OK, as you probably know, I set a goal for my Kickstarter project to reach the halfway point in funding ($600) by midnight Sunday night, 3/6/2011.  Drumroll, please.....

As of midnight, my Kickstarter funding total to date was $796!  Just shy of 2/3 funded, and only 14 days in out of 45!

I can't claim all the credit.  Several friends of mine helped to spread the word through their social network sites, which helped immensely. But I also passed around a lot of flyers locally, and spread the word at my local bookstores. Strangely enough, through all this, I expected most of my pledges to come through the $18-$25 levels, but I've got just as many $50 and $100 pledges! I tried to make those reward levels as attractive for prospective backers as I could, and it's gratifying to see that I seem to have succeeded!

So thanks to everyone who helped make this weekend's funding drive a success, and let's keep the funding coming in!  There's still a long way to go to reach my $1200 goal!

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