Saturday, December 27, 2014

It's time to start fresh

I'm back!
In all fairness, I'm not sure many people noticed I was gone, and I'm not sure how many people might actually still follow this blog, considering the ridiculous amount of time it's been since I last updated it.

To those out there who have been interested in my books and in my posts, I apologize for my lengthy absence.  As often happens, daily life has been interfering with the things I want to do.  And I've also been exploring some things that I want to do, outside of writing, and have let myself be distracted from it.

Life changes can really disrupt a person's flow.  They can also make a lot of things seem less important, even if they aren't.  Those who have followed this blog, or who know me through other means, know that I have been struggling with vision problems for a few years now, as well as struggling as a single parent with a son in high school.  Those are just a few of the obstacles I've faced over the past few years.  And as of right now, well, things are changing.  For some of them, I'm making them change.

What does any of this have to do with my writing?  Everything.

I've finally come to the point that I can do what I choose in life.  No, not financially, but with my time.  I have the freedom to choose the activities that will make me happy.  And, obviously, one of those activities is my writing.  I have spent the last couple of months working out plans and strategies for marketing my books.  I've also been working on a major overhaul of The Door to Justice.  I've been working on other writing projects as well... Rocket Girl, originally planned as a superhero comic book is now going to be a novel and possibly a screenplay.  The Musician, one of my earliest forays into writing when I was a teenager, is being reimagined now that I have a more mature outlook on writing.  The Codex Chronicles will be an action adventure series for young readers.

And so, I'm announcing here, where no one is probably even reading it at this late date, that I have a renewed sense of purpose in my writing.  I am making a New Year's resolution to publish at least two novels in 2015, one in the Gatehouse series, and one something new that you've never seen before.  I'm also resolving to put in all the effort necessary for marketing my work, getting the word out, getting new readers.  And this blog, while it was fun when I first started it, needs to change as well.  A change of venue, a change of format.  Possibly even a whole new home on the web.  These are all things that I still have to work out, but for anyone out there who's still listening, check back here for news and updates, especially about the new web presence I hope to build.

And for those of you still listening... thank you!