Friday, March 11, 2011

Here we go again!

Okay, friends and neighbors, I'm so close to my funding goal I can taste it! So, much as I did before, I'm starting another push for funding, with a short term goal planned. Only this time, there's something in it for you! Here are the full details.

My birthday is March 16th. Yes, I’m getting old! But for my birthday, you can all get me a great gift. My Kickstarter funding project is less than $260 from reaching the fully funded level! But to truly do everything I need to do in order to make The Door to Canellin a successful release, I really need to SURPASS my funding goal, by a fair margin!  So I’m making a challenge, and offering a reward if this challenge is met. My Kickstarter funding goal for The Door to Canellin is $1200. If the Kickstarter funding reaches $1350 or more before my birthday is over, I will add to the rewards for EVERYONE who has pledged between the $25 and $100 levels between Feb. 20th and April 8th! If the funding reaches $1350 by 11:59pm on March 16th, then everyone who pledged at $25 will receive a signed Door to Canellin marketing poster in addition to their other rewards! Anyone who pledged at $50 will receive a paperback copy of The Door to Canellin, in addition to their hardcover! Everyone who pledged at $100 will receive a signed, laser printed copy of the first 5 rough draft chapters of book 2 of the Gatehouse series, The Door to Justice, as well as a t-shirt with the cover art for The Door to Canellin on the front and “I helped make it happen!” on the back! And as a final bonus, everyone who has pledged at all will receive an invite to the release party (date, time, and location to be determined)! These bonus rewards will ONLY happen if funding reaches $1350 by 11:59pm on March 16th, 2011, so if you’ve already pledged, be sure to tell your friends, neighbors, family, coworkers, and get them as excited about The Door to Canellin as I am!

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