Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The Door to Canellin Kickstarter project has done better than I could have hoped! With 50 hours left until the deadline (it was extended one day due to outages at the Kickstarter website), the project is funded at $1831, which is more than 150% of my original goal! There's still time left, though, folks, so I'm going to be calling for more backers right up until the very end!

Thank you to all my backers. You've made this project a success in a lot of different ways. Not only is the financial backing important for helping me cover a large portion of the publishing costs, the word of mouth that has been generated by the Kickstarter project is going to help once the book is released. Every person out there who reads The Door to Canellin thanks to the Kickstarter project is a potential fan, and potentially someone to recommend it to their friends. Every reader is a potential review at one of the websites where the book will be available. Every person who talks about the book gets the word out, and the more the word travels, the more readers I'll get.

So thank you, and I hope you all enjoy!

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