Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Going Forward

Things are moving along nicely with the final preparations for publication. The Kickstarter backing pledges have all been collected (thank you to all my backers!), the final proofreading is almost finished, and I've worked out most of the formatting issues for conversion to Kindle, Nook, and both print versions. The cover is complete except for the author photo and "about the author" blurb that I'm putting on the back, and I've gotten some responses on the few requests for review I've sent out. I'm very excited to be at this point! The Kindle and Nook versions for my backers are tentatively scheduled to go out sometime next week, and the official Kindle and Nook versions will go up for sale about 2 days later.

As far as the Kickstarter funding goes, I will be able to access that money in another 9 days, at which point it'll take me a day or two to get everything paid that needs to be, and then my other backer rewards should start going out.  Those who will be receiving the limited edition hardcovers will have to wait the longest, as those will be delivered directly to me before shipping for numbering and signing. The paperbacks will be fairly quick, since as soon as the print-ready files are uploaded and everything is paid for as far as ISBN, copyright, layout and design, etc., those will start being drop-shipped from the printer directly to the backers. Which means that those who are receiving multiple rewards, such as posters, ebooks, hardcovers, and trade paperbacks, will get their rewards in stages as the item becomes available.

So, the excitement builds as official publication approaches! Be ready, all you Kickstarter backers, your rewards should start trickling out to you very, very soon!

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