Sunday, April 17, 2011

Progress, and thoughts so far

Definite progress has been made in getting The Door to Canellin available for sale! The final files for the paperback interior and cover have been uploaded to the printer, and are under review right now. The Kindle and Nook versions have been uploaded to Amazon and PubIT from B&N, and are also under review. The ebook copies have already been sent out to all the Kickstarter backers who get one!

ISBN for the paperback has been purchased, and copyright has been registered officially. Expanded distribution plan has been paid for, which allows the book to be sold at bookstores, other online retailers such as Barnes and Noble, through my own website, etc.

Hardcover files have been uploaded, and the galley proof has been ordered and is on the way.

Cover art is paid for, and cover layout and design will be paid for as soon as I get the invoice from the designer.

One eBook copy has been sent out for review, and as soon as I'm able to order the galleys for the paperback, I'll be sending one of those out to a reviewer as well. Other review copies will be sent out shortly thereafter, as I get replies from my review requests. I'll definitely be getting reviewed by Clarion, and I'm really hoping to get a review from The Midwest Book Review as well.

Now I just sit back and wait for the galleys, get those approved, and then just wait for the Kickstarter funding to be released so I can get the rewards out to my backers!

What I need to do most at this point is the thing I hate to do most: wait! Wait for galleys, wait for funding to be released, wait for reviews... wait, wait, wait!

So I'll be using that waiting time over the next few days to come up with a few more topics to talk about on publishing, such as the printing company I've chosen and why, and why I've chosen the eBook outlets that I have, and what kind of marketing plans I have going forward.  From this point on, readers of my blog can expect a fairly in-depth view of self-publishing from the author's side of things, so I hope you enjoy!

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