Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kickstarter Funding Complete!

It's all over, folks!  My Kickstarter project deadline passed last night, and after some small rearranging of pledges, the final total came to $1810! It's been a great ride, and it turned out far better than I hoped!

Now the real fun starts.  I'm furiously working on finalizing the editing (no substance changes, just a last go-round looking for typos, with several sets of eyes helping me out), and then I'll be formatting the book for Kindle and Nook and testing on the devices. After that, I'll be sending off review copies in hopes of getting some material to use for jacket blurbs. Then it's off to print! 46 paperbacks and 21 hardcovers will be going out as a result of the Kickstarter project! In addition, I have enough money to do a small print run of my own for book signings, as well as start my marketing push for the release!

Stay tuned, folks.  Now is when things really start moving!

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