Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My First Book Signing is Scheduled!

It's official! I am now scheduled for a talk on the process I went through on self-publishing and a book signing at the Princeton, Indiana public library on June 6 at 7PM! The event will be part of the kickoff for their adult summer reading program. I will also be donating a paperback to the library, and giving away a limited edition, signed hardcover in a drawing.

In case you couldn't tell, I'm very excited! This will be my first event of this type, and being part of the summer reading program, there should be a pretty good turnout! I don't know that I'll sell all that many copies, but I'll reach a live audience, all of whom are excited about reading for entertainment. I just have to convince them that what I have to say is entertaining!

Regarding the orders for the Kickstarter backers, the hardcover order has been placed. I've ordered a couple of t-shirts to make sure I'm satisfied with the quality of the printer I've chosen, and then I'll be ordering those for my backers as well.  The final paperback proof should be here by Friday or Saturday, and I expect no issues there, so fingers crossed, it should be on sale by Monday and the backer rewards on their way!

Anybody who is in the Princeton, Indiana area on June 6th, be sure to come to the library that evening for the summer reading program! It's sure to be a fun time, and you'll have your chance to win a signed, numbered, limited edition hardcover of The Door to Canellin!


  1. Congrats, Eric!

    Should be a lot of fun! Princeton, Indiana, is a wee bit of a drive from Arizona, so unfortunately I won't be able to attend. If I was closer, I would.

    Good luck!


    Author of: Bakkian Chronicles, Book I - The Prophecy

  2. Congratulations Eric. That sounds like a great opportunity. It's something I never considered before, but I can definitely see how that would be beneficial. I wish you the best of luck at the signing. Maybe you'll see every copy you bring there and get a bunch more people to buy it online. The sky's the limit.

    On another note, I actually got an artist friend to do the cover art of the book I'm working on. I've got a lower quality sample of that cover art on my blog.

    Anyways, good luck again, and I wish you the best.

  3. Thanks, J., Ryne! I'm really looking forward to the signing, it should be fun! Also, to both of you, very cool to see the early artwork for your Kindle book covers up! Hope to see more as you guys start finalizing things!
    E.H. Jones

  4. You're welcome Eric, and thanks.

    The final cover art is posted on my blog now. I just got the original today and made it up.

    My artist friend has actually started on the cover art for the second book as well. That's mainly because she wanted to do another project, and she was a fan of the original book.

  5. Hey Eric, I just wanted to let you know I found a website that does reviews that you might be interested in checking out.

    I don't know much about the website at the moment. I found it though an ad on Facebook, but it says that you can either get a free review or pay for one. It also lists the different benefits of each package.

    It looks legit, but you may want to do your own research.

    Regardless, here's the link: