Friday, June 24, 2011

We have a winner.... or three!

The Door to Canellin was recently reviewed, and I was interviewed, on two review blogs, Oktopus Ink and The Flashlight Reader.  In conjunction with the interviews, both webmasters hosted giveaways of paperback editions of The Door to Canellin.  Three paperbacks were given away in total.  So, congratulations, Allie, Bethany, and Bonnie!  Your books have been sent, and you should receive them by the end of next week!

In addition to those giveaways, there are still 6 days left to sign up for my Goodreads giveaway (link at top of blog page), where I'm personally giving away 2 more paperback copies of The Door to Canellin!  It's free book madness, my friends!!

Summertime is a slow time for booksellers.  As well it should be!  People are outside more, doing things, and hopefully being just a bit more active.  But there are still those of us who love to take an evening and lay in the hammock reading a great novel.  And as an author, especially one struggling to get more exposure, every person I can get interested in my work is one more person who will tell a friend about my book!  So, giving away the paperbacks is a nice way to get people to notice The Door to Canellin.  Another nice way is to give away free ebooks!

I'm still having trouble giving away freebies when I make the offer.  Amazon has cracked down on self-promotion, so I can't post the giveaway there myself, not even in the Meet Our Authors forum.  The same goes for Kindleboards, and most other ebook-centric forums.  Most of you who are following this blog likely already have a copy.  And as far as Facebook and Twitter go, most of my friends and/or family don't have e-readers or don't read books digitally, so that's a bust as well!  It's frustrating at times.  My last giveaway, I couldn't get the word spread, and only gave away 5 of the 25 copies I planned.  But, I'm going to try it again!

Ten Kindle copies, and fifteen Smashwords (any format) copies are up for grabs! And your e-mail address WILL be kept private, you don't even have to post it in the comments!  Just click on the "Giveaway Signup" link on the right hand side of your screen, right under "Links of Interest", and fill out the form.  It adds your information to a spreadsheet that ONLY I CAN ACCESS.  Once I have sent your freebie, I will delete your information immediately, so you can be assured your e-mail will remain private!

And even if you have a copy, that doesn't mean you can't sign up to get a copy for someone as a gift!  Just put in their info instead, and let them know they've got a free gift coming!  Have a friend or loved one with a Kindle, or Nook, or Kindle/Nook app, or any combination thereof?  Give them a copy of The Door to Canellin!

And for a final thought.  Help me spread the word!  The Door to Canellin is worth checking out, but endorsements from the author are pretty meaningless.  Tell folks about the giveaway, and about the book!  Pass it along!  Share the wealth!  Pay it forward! Other old cliches relevant to this topic!  In other words, if you enjoyed The Door to Canellin, share it with someone else who might enjoy it as well.  They'll thank you!

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