Sunday, June 19, 2011

#Sample Sunday - The Door to Justice WIP

Morning, folks!  It's time for another Sample Sunday!  Here's a short, but fun, excerpt from The Door to Justice.  It's a work in process, still in editing, but this scene is not going on the cutting room floor!  For those of you who aren't clear, The Door to Justice follows Wes and Ryan through the Gatehouse to a world controlled by two warring factions of super-heroes.  The Conclave rules with an iron fist, and the rebels are battling to remove them from power.  A little lead in: Jessica Bemen has just betrayed the Conclave, and escaped from their orbiting satellite, only to be pursued by a group of Conclave Enforcers who want to bring her in.  But Jessica has information that the rebels need.... and that's where this sample picks up!
“All right, nobody move,” said an electronic voice, and Jessica saw a massive armored form approaching.  Jessica turned to see Chameleon, Earthquake, and Hunter wrapped in some kind of flexible metal bindings that extended from the wrists of the armored man.  Jackrabbit came to a screeching halt and looked at the three women in satisfaction.
“Niceofyoutojoinus,” he said to the armored man, and then he sped to Jessica’s side.  Aikido sat on the ground, unable to stand on her injured leg.  Jackrabbit's fist blurred, and Aikido slumped to the ground, unconscious.  He reached down and grabbed her sword, vibrating his hand rapidly to loosen it from the pavement, and then wrenching it free to allow Jessica to stand.  “That’s Teknomanser,” he said, slowing his words for Jessica’s benefit as he pointed over his shoulder.  “Teknomanser, this is… uhhh… Cute Girl.”
“It’s Jessica,” she said.  “And you two are rebels.”
“Brilliant deductive skills you have there,” said Teknomanser.  “And you’re a Conclave cadet.”
“Not anymore,” said Jessica, rising to her feet.  “You’ve got to get me out of here.  I have information.”
“You also have a tracker on you,” said Teknomanser, consulting a display on the forearm of his armor.  “It’s probably in your clothes.  We’ll have to get rid of it.”
“I’llhandlethat,” said Jackrabbit, and was gone.  The sound of breaking glass echoed all down the block as the windows on the shops exploded inward.  Suddenly, Jessica was surrounded by a whirlwind.  She felt herself being jerked this way and that and staggered.  When the wind died down, Jessica’s cadet uniform was laying in a neat pile, and she was wearing a clean pair of jeans and a tank top, both with tags still on them.
“What… just happened?” she asked.
“You don’t want to know,” said Teknomanser with a chuckle.  “’Rabbit’s misbehaving.”
“Hey,” said the youth indignantly.  “The transmitter’s in the clothes, the clothes are over there, problem solved.”  He winked at Jessica.  “Man, I love this job.”
“I'll bet you do,” said Jessica through gritted teeth, finally realizing what Jackrabbit had done.  “Listen, I have information the rebels need.  And I have word of Fred and Jack.”
“Whatarewewaitingfor?” said Jackrabbit, grabbing Jessica’s hand.  “Let’sgo!”
“Hold it!” said Teknomanser.  “You’re a little too excitable tonight.  You go on ahead, and I’ll escort the girl.”
“Rogerwilco,” said Jackrabbit, and he vanished in a streak of red and yellow.
“Come on, kid,” said Teknomanser.  “Hop on my shoulder.  I can cloak us while we fly, and I’ve been wanting to try out these new jets for a while.”  He helped Jessica up to his armored shoulder, and they took to the sky.

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