Monday, June 20, 2011

The Door to Canellin is now available for Operation eBook Drop!

This is a bit of notification for readers, but it's also a call to all the authors out there who read this blog.

The Door to Canellin is now available for Operation eBook Drop!  If you haven't heard of this great program, Operation eBook Drop provides free, easily accessible digital books for deployed soldiers in all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.  Now, I won't get into a political conversation about the conflicts the U.S. is currently involved in, and don't ask my views.  Just remember that our men and women who are deployed with the armed forces are far from home, many of them in dangerous situations, and any little bit of home can help.  Operation eBook Drop provides these free eBooks to soldiers as one of those little bits of home.

It's very simple to become involved in Operation eBook Drop.  Simply follow the links for details.  In case you hadn't noticed, I've made every instance of Operation eBook Drop in this post clickable!  Basically, an author sets up his or her book on, which makes the book available in multiple digital formats for sale.  (If you haven't done this already, you really should... every sales venue helps!)  Once the book is set up, the author uses Smashwords' "generate a coupon" feature to generate a 100% off coupon for the book.  Then, the author would contact the creator of Operation eBook Drop, Edward Patterson.  A short time later, Edward will provide the details of what to do next.

I would urge every indie author out there to do this.  It doesn't cost you a dime, and it can make a lot more difference than you might think!

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