Saturday, June 18, 2011

General Update

Well, I haven't updated much on this topic lately, but the eyeball issues are still ongoing.  For those of you who don't know, I've been steadily losing vision in my left eye due to punctate inner choroidopathy.  With medical treatment (in the form of a laser retina surgery and then some very unpleasant injections directly into the eye), I have been on kind of a roller coaster of improvement and deterioration.  It's been holding steady at "I can sort of see out of that eye, but not in any useful way" for some time now.  I go in for another injection Thursday.  The doc is hopeful that the injections will eventually be a permanent solution, so I'm crossing my fingers.  To make matters more interesting, I've apparently developed a cataract on that eye as well.  Yay me!

Ebook sales are up and down at the moment.  I'm on a steady 1-3 sales a day right now, which is a small fraction of where I want to be.  Reviews are consistently good, and the people who are reading the book definitely enjoy it.  I just need to get word out.  Currently, well over half of the people who visit my Amazon sales page for the Kindle edition purchase The Door to Canellin.  I just need more people going there!

I should be receiving my first check from Amazon any day now.  I chose to have my payments sent by check, at least the first time, just because I want to hold the check in my hand and see a tangible product of my work.  I'm funny that way... that's also the real reason I made a paperback available of The Door to Canellin! After this first check, I'll probably switch to the easier (and more frequent) PayPal method.

And finally, I saw Green Lantern last night.  I've waited my whole life to see my favorite super-hero translated onto the big screen!  The SFX technology has been available to do it for years!  What did I think of it?  It was pretty good.  It's not going to win any Oscars... it's probably not even going to compete with the amazing universe-building, multi-movie, multi-character efforts that Marvel has been putting out lately.  But it was definitely satisfying.  I geeked out on Oa when I realized I recognized a whole bunch of those random GL aliens from the comic books.  Will there be a sequel? They set it up for one, of course, and I definitely hope there is.

Oh, and one final thing.  For those of you who are interested in knowing what I'm working on right now, I have quite a few pots stirring, and I've added a new one.

The Door to Justice (sequel to The Door to Canellin… do you like super-heroes?)
Rocket Girl (a comic book project)
Two short story collections related to Rocket Girl
Mark Thyme: Immortal Investigator (working title, a noir/pulp novel following the exploits of a private investigator in the gumshoe era, who just happens to be thousands of years old and immortal)
An unnamed alternate history western fantasy book in which gunslingers deal with stagecoach robberies, gangs of bandits, sorcerers, and monsters all as a matter of course.

That's all for today, folks!  Check in tomorrow for Sample Sunday and see what I've got on tap!

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