Monday, February 21, 2011

The website is now live, and so is the Kickstarter project!

Big News!  The website is live and available to the public!  Check it out here!  It's chock full of information about The Gatehouse series, The Door to Canellin in particular, info about the author, and much more!

In related, and possibly bigger news, the Kickstarter project page is live!

For those of you unfamiliar with, it is a site for artistic and creative projects of all types to look for financial backers.  The arts have a long history of being funded by patrons, and Kickstarter seems to be trying to bring back that cooperative, patron-sponsored feeling, on a crowd sourced level.  People launch their projects on Kickstarter, asking for backing.  If their backing goal is met, they receive the funding.  If it isn't met, they receive nothing.  Backers' accounts are not charged until the end of the project period, and are not charged at all if the project's funding goal is not met.  There are rewards and incentives for backers and creators alike.

My Kickstarter page offers what I think are some great, fun incentives for backing The Door to Canellin:
$5 - a PDF copy of The Door to Canellin
$10 - Your choice of the Kindle or Nook version, plus a PDF copy
$18 - a paperback copy of The Door To Canellin, cheaper than the projected cover price, with free shipping!
$25 - a paperback copy of The Door to Canellin and your choice of the Kindle or Nook version
$50 - a limited edition, signed, hardcover copy of The Door to Canellin, the Kindle or Nook version, and a signed marketing poster
$100 - same as $50, plus two paperback copies and a signed, laser printed copy of the original Door to Canellin manuscript
$500 and $1000 - too much, and too crazy, to list here!  Go to my Kickstarter project page to check it out!

Even if you don't back my project, I hope you'll check out my project page, and the other great projects on  There are a many worthwhile projects there, and each one is deserving of backing.

Thanks, and check back again for updates!

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