Saturday, February 19, 2011


Thanks for stopping by!  Many of you are probably here thanks to my Kickstarter page.  If so, have a look around and check my other links for more information on The Door to Canellin, and the Gatehouse series of books by E.H. Jones.  Below, you will find a brief synopsis of The Door to Canellin (with all the spoilery bits removed), and in future blog posts, what you really want to see: sample chapters!

The Door to Canellin is the story of Wes, a troubled youngster who can't seem to find his way in life, whether it's school, his home life, or dealing with friends.  Wes tends to be short-sighted when it comes to taking care of his responsibilities, preferring to spend his time playing video games, reading, or wandering the forest behind his grandparents' house.  By the middle of the last semester of his Sophomore year, it's beginning to look like he may have to repeat several classes, holding him back from graduating on time.  Wes' father, Ryan, is at his wits' end, and the final straw comes when Wes is suspended from school for fighting with the school bully.

But when Wes discovers a house in the woods that wasn't there before, he finds himself yanked out of his own world and launched into one filled with magic, monsters, and danger.  The only way home is through the doorway back to the Gatehouse, which happens to be in the lair of an evil dragon bent on destroying all human life.

Little does Wes know that his father has followed him to Cannellin, and is on a quest of his own... to find his wayward son and return him safely home!  What happens next is a thrilling tale of adventure, betrayal, and growth as Wes learns that to live is to strive, and his father learns that sometimes you have to trust those you love to do what is right.

Be sure to check out my Kickstarter page, if you haven't already!  You have the power to help make The Door to Canellin a reality!

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