Monday, January 19, 2015

Well, folks, as most of you know, I've decided to forgo Kickstarter for fundraising for The Door to Justice.  Primarily because a lot of the things I needed to raise money for, I earned enough from the sales on The Door to Canellin to pay for.  So there's really not much that I have to do out of pocket this time around.

For those of you who aren't familiar with what I'm talking about, and are wondering about the costs I'm referring to (after all, self publishing is free), there is a lot that goes into putting out a book.  Cover art, cover layout and design, registering copyright, marketing, sending out advance review copies, and many other things.

But, as I said, this time around, most of that has been covered by sales of the first book.  There's only a tiny bit I still have to pay for, specifically, the cover layout and logo design.  I've got a decent mockup, but I'm no graphic artist, and I want the final product to be great.

But this time, instead of trying to raise a bunch of money through Kickstarter, I've decided to just offer some promotional merchandise for sale, since I don't need much.  This way, you get a cool product, and you get to support independent publishing!

So head on over to my TeeChip campaign, where you'll find promotional products with my mockup of the cover for The Door to Justice available for your purchase.  It's actually a very nice painting by Barnaby Bagenda (the same guy who did the dragon cover for The Door to Canellin).  One look, and you'll be able to tell where Wes heads off two in the upcoming sequel!  There are T-shirts available for men, ladies, and youth sizes, as well as hoodies and coffee mugs.

And after you receive your promotional merchandise, whichever you pick, if you post a pic of yourself proudly displaying it on the Door to Canellin Facebook page, I'll send you a free Kindle copy of The Door to Justice when it goes on sale!

Click Here to go to The Door to Canellin Facebook Page!

Don't miss out!  The campaign only lasts two weeks, and then they're gone!  Click here to go to my TeeChip campaign page!

 Head to TeeChip now!

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