Friday, September 30, 2011

Been hard finding blog time

Well, folks, I have to apologize.  Been very hard to find time for blogging the past couple of months.  I did mention that marching band season was going to start kicking my butt, didn't I?  ;)

Well, even though I haven't blogged much, or participated in many forums, or really done any marketing at all on The Door to Canellin, progress has been made toward the publication of the sequel!  Allow me to share with you the work in progress cover of The Door to Justice!

I have to say, I'm loving it so far, and I can't wait until it's finished!  The artist, of course, is Barnaby Bagenda, who did the amazing dragon for The Door to Canellin.  To see more of Barnaby's work, check it out here:


  1. Nice cover, E.H. Hope it garners a lot of attention for your upcoming release.

  2. This is a sequel I am looking forward to for sure! I'll keep checking back for updates.

    Cover looks awesome by the way!